Grooming/Spa Day

Why not pamper your pet with a full grooming by one of our professional pet groomers? Our groomers are updated with continuing education in the grooming industry. With all the modern equipment and procedures available, your pet will have a relaxing grooming experience. All professionally groomed pets are happier and healthier when returning home from Golden Wood Kennels!

Schedule your pet's grooming today by calling 410-822-1921.

Professional Grooming Services

Your pet will be catered to with a full groom including the following: full bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and brush out.

Add on a Photoshoot of your pet right after we complete the groom! We will provide you this service at a discounted rate if added onto the groom. You will receive 5 professional looking photos of your pet!

For specialty cuts and pricing, please call the office at 410-822-1921.

Bathing Services

Individual Bathing Services

  • Less than 29 lbs: $30
  • 30-59 lbs: $35
  • 60-89 lbs: $40
  • Greater than 90 lbs: $45
  • Cats: $35

Nail Trim - $20

We offer nail trims as an ala carte option or as an add-on to a bathing service. We do cat and dog nail trims!

Ear Cleaning - $15

Does your pet have frequent ear issues or long ear hair that traps debris? We offer an ear cleaning service where we will gently clean out your pet’s ears using a specialty ear cleaner formulated for pets to help keep their ears clean and healthy. This can be selected as an ala carte option or an add-on to a bathing service.

Grooming Services Bathing Services